Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive

I don’t usually reply to these prompts but this one spoke to me in particular because I was watching something one night, I don’t know how many weeks ago, and someone asked a girl this same question. I can’t remember what she chose, but I remember what I would have picked.

If I were forced to give up a sense I would give up hearing, and I would like to have enhanced eye-sight.

There are only two reasons for this:

1.) I am proficient enough in American Sign Language to get by.

2.) I have horrible eyesight, wear glasses, and would love to have perfect + enhanced vision.

I mean, think about it.

In my opinion, the loss of hearing would have the smallest impact of all on my life. The loss of sight would leave me fumbling in the dark, the loss of touch make life incredibly dull and would lead me to physical harm (as I am already terribly clumsy), the loss of taste would also make life boring, and the loss of smell…well, I don’t have a good reason for that one.

Actually, I think I would rather lose my sense of smell than my hearing. I think smell is less essential to survival in the world today than hearing.

Welp. There you go. All this to change my mind and say I would choose to lose smell after all. But I would still enhance my eyesight! Yeeah…

[in response to the daily prompt at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/daily-prompt-sensitive/]


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