I quit my job today.

It’s a long story, but in short: my boss was doing some really shady things and I don’t want to be involved. 

The thing is I probably would have stuck around, at least until I found something else, but my partner was really freaking out and telling me not to come home if I didn’t do the right thing and quit, so I just did it. He was right, I guess. It needed to be done. 

Still, to me it didn’t seem as serious as to all those I have told so far.

Maybe my moral/ethical/whatever compass is all out of whack? 

Now here I am, 2.5 months after being hired there, and after not having worked a steady job in almost 2 years, unemployed – again.

Everyone is acting like it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to me that I am unemployed because everything will be taken care of by my partner…but I don’t want to be dependent on him. I want to be able to support myself.

I feel really lost right now. I don’t know what to do with my life. I don’t know what kind of job I should be looking for next.



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