Dreaming about him

Last night I dreamt that he and I were in a college or high school or something. My college professors were there but a bell rang and school buses came at the end of the day. 

I went to find him after class and he was leaving with a friend and I was upset because he hadn’t told me. He said he wasn’t coming home that night and I was upset because I didn’t want to be alone… I said, “Go home with him now but please come home tonight!”

He said there was no one at house so he was going to stay at his friend’s and I said, “But I will be there…” And he said, “That doesn’t count.” 

I was really heart and upset and started to walk home but I had no way to get there, there were no sidewalks, and I had not idea where to go. 

I guess the dream was just reflecting how I feel right now… I feel lonely without him. Even though he wasn’t treating me well, he has still been my best friend and partner for the past two years. I feel like I have lost him as a friend right now.

Hopefully as time passes we will be able to regain some friendship. I don’t know. He hasn’t been talking to me. I know that is probably the best thing for both of us so that we can get used to things and not be plagued with the desire to be together because we are used to it.

My heart hurts. *sigh*


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