After a long, ugly car ride…

I made it to my family’s house. He threw me out with all of my belongings on my mother’s driveway and sped off. Sweet.

Anyhow. I am going to start a new life now.

I pray to the universe that I learned something from all this, and certainly that I learned how not to pick the same kind of partner in the future. That terrifies me, that I may make the same mistake again.

Tomorrow begins the job hunt. I hope I am lucky enough to get hired somewhere quick… I need to be busy so I can move forward in my life. So here’s to hoping for that 🙂



7 thoughts on “After a long, ugly car ride…

    • Thank you, Teela 🙂 I honestly believe I can this time, too. I think this past year and some change of abuse made me feel like I couldn’t before, and it is still scary, but I think I prefer the fear of being on my own to the fear of dealing with that all my life. :)) Thanks for the follow. I am going to check your blog out now!

  1. Good! No more backsliding to him, and Im so happy for you! It will get better with time. Promise. This is the start of something new and wonderful, a new chapter in your life. Keep us updated! Once you land a job everything will fall into place.

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