I’m having a hard time today…

I had kind of a fight with my significant other last night. He thought I did something intentionally that I did by accident and then he was in a bad mood and he wanted to be alone… I took that as him punishing me for something I didn’t do and I pestered him about it. He ended up leaving to go do something somewhere else to get away from me >_> heh heh. I guess I tend to exacerbate situations sometimes. But when he refuses to communicate with me about something it’s hard not to because I can only go with what I can assume from the information I have…which doesn’t always fit nicely into a reasonable explanation for why things are happening, so I get upset that crazy shit’s going on and then I make everything worse.

Today, because we had that fight yesterday, I’m just in this funk…feeling like I’m all alone and like I can’t trust him not to abandon me or act crazy. I don’t know how to handle this. I’m tired of feeling this way time and time again.