Working on self-love

I always do this. I say I’m going to start keeping a regular journal or blog and then after a while I just let it slide.

Anyway. Here I am again. I’m going to try to pick it up again and also work on some self-esteem and self-love issues in the process.

I feel like I lost myself and the love I had for myself at some point in the void of terror that was my last relationship. I started to question my every move, doubt my every decision, and generally dislike myself. Why? Because someone told me that I wasn’t worthy of love. Told me I was stupid. Told me I was a fat ass. Told me I could screw up a wet dream.

I had no one and I hung myself on those words. But now I’m free. I keep telling myself that. I’m free now and I shouldn’t allow him to have any hold on my past, present, or future. So here we go. Some reasons why I love myself:

  1. I love myself because I have a good heart. I always put others before myself. I try to improve the lives of people and animals around me.
  2. I love myself because I am smart. I’m an excellent linguist and language learner. I’ve never met anyone who learns languages at the rate I can.
  3. I love myself because I’m a great writer, creatively and academically.
  4. I love myself because I care too much. I always seek justice in the world and strive to strike out injustices when I see them.
  5. I love myself because I care for my family, even if I can’t see them often. I always do whatever is in my power to help them.
  6. I love myself because I am a hardworking and responsible person. I take care of myself and whatever I say that I will do.
  7. I love myself because I love playing video games and meeting new people through them.
  8. I love myself because I am great with computers and people often turn to me for advice about computer repairs and troubleshooting.
  9. I love myself because I am beautiful, curvy, and have an amazing smile.
  10. I love myself because I am a human being, and I afford love to all the human beings around me. So then, don’t I deserve to love myself as well?

2 thoughts on “Working on self-love

  1. Welcome back πŸ™‚ It’s not often easy to keep on blogging when sometimes the initial purpose or impulse fades. Happens to me all the time.

    As for the self esteem and love! Don’t you ever dare stop working on those!!! No one can take those away from you, unless you let them! So, Dont!

    Stay strong! πŸ™‚

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