Almost forgot

But here I am! I’m about to go to bed soon, but I just wanted to journal for a minute before I pass out.

Today was a good day 🙂 I was happy. My boyfriend (T) and I went grocery shopping and he was really affectionate towards me and I loved it .

I tried to get some work done…but I didn’t really do much. I couldn’t focus. I’m too excited about the mini-vacation I’m taking tomorrow. It’s really just an overnight trip, but I’m really looking forward to it 🙂 I will try to post at least a few sentences when I get a chance via the mobile app.

Good things that happened today:

  1. The kid I nanny learned the ASL sign for milk, which I’ve been showing him for 3 weeks.
  2. T brought me lunch.
  3. I went grocery shopping with T and he was really affectionate.
  4. T and I cleared the air with a close friend about a misunderstanding.
  5. T and I figured out his insurance info so we can get his glasses repaired.
  6. I played LoL with my girls team ❤
  7. I enjoyed learning a new champion in LoL. Had a funny match.
  8. I cuddled with my kitty.
  9. We paid the rent.
  10. T dropped me off and picked me up from nannying ❤ It was nice spending the extra time together.

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