(1) Every time I skip a day…

I’m going to start over numbering my posts from 1 and see what that largest post streak I can get is. Maybe that will act as an additional motivator for me 🙂

Honestly, it’s not that I don’t want to post every day. It’s just that I get so busy and forget.

In any case…Donald Trump is straight stressing me out.

I have a friend who posted on Facebook about how silly white people are that we are shocked by Donald Trump, because his racism and xenophobia are just 1 example of how these sentiments are rampant in America… But you know… It’s not that I was blind to it before. I’ve seen it. Over and over again. However, I really never thought that a POLITICIAN would stand up on a stage and say things that take us all back to the WWII era. I thought if a politician stood up to say the horrible, hateful things he says, that he would be shut down so fast. I didn’t think crowds would flock to him. I didn’t think he would be a major candidate for presidency. When D.T. first announced that he was running I laughed it off; I thought it was going to be a joke. It really doesn’t seem like a joke any more… It’s really just terrifying.

I really really hope and pray and beg that young people go out to vote for anyone besides Trump. If anyone out there is planning not to vote, or hasn’t thought about it, please consider that your responsibility has never been more important. Only by standing up and casting our votes can we prevent this national catastrophe.



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